Get your Digital SLR sensors professionally cleaned in our shop.    

Superior Camera takes great pride in doing your sensor cleaning to the best level that can be achieved.  The steps include.
1. Inspect and remove all dust and lint from the mirror box.
2.  Photograph test target.
3.  Load photos onto computer for viewing.  This enhanced inspection will reveal all matter that is on the sensor's low pass filter.
4.  The lowpass filter is gently blown to remove loose dust and lint.
5. Another test photo is taken and loaded to the computer for inspection.
6.  The cleaning materials are prepared.  Using Pec-Pads and Eclipse the sensor's lowpass filter is cleaned.
7.  Another test photo is made and loaded to the computer for inspection.
8.  This procedure is repeated until the all particles and substances are removed.
The sensor cleaning procedure usually requires  about 1 and 1/2 hours bench time.
The photos (files) are kept in a folder on our computer for future reference.
Each sensor is cleaned as if it were mine.  Turn around time is 24-48 hours if you need it done that quickly.
I am often asked,  "How often does the sensor on my camera need to be cleaned"?  If specks of dust are seen in the photograph, it is time for a cleaning.  You can test your own camera to see if it needs to be cleaned. 
TESTING YOUR CAMERA: Set your camera's mode to aperture preferred.  Choose
 f 22.  Set your focus to the manual mode.  Find a nice even spot in the sky (void of definition).  Shoot several shots of the sky.  Load the photos on to your computer and view them full screen.  If dust or other substance is on your sensor's lowpass filter it will be evident at this time.  If so, bring your camera in for a sensor cleaning.
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